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Kameko is a software development company in The Gambia. We started operation in July, 2017 and pride ourselves to be the fastest growing company in The Gambia.

Since we started operation, we've registered tremendous achievements in different sectors. We developed the first accounting software system for SMEs in The Gambia dubbed MekoBooks. We won our first bid to implement and deploy MekoBooks and develop websites for 15 Empretec Business Champions in The Gambia. In 2017, Kameko was nominated Empretec Most Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year. In November, 2017, we were selected as part of 50 start-ups from African and 50 start-ups from EU countries to participate in the EU - Africa Business Forum and Digital Start-up Fair in Abidjan.

In September, 2018, Kameko introduced Ryde Africa Technologies - the first taxi app in The Gambia that allows customers to request for the nearest Ryde Africa taxi using their smartphones or through our Dispatcher Call Center. We're providing a different experience with easy, secure and reliable transportation.

We focus to be leading technology company in Africa. In the near future, Ryde Africa Taxi App is going to be the leading transportation app in most African cities.

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Our Services



MekoBooks for SMEs is an accounting software developed with small businesses in mind. It allows business owners with no accounting background to manage their finances. Our intuitive dashboard gives you your business performance.



MekoResto is a restaurant logistics app that allows restaurant owners to manage their transactions in real time. It comes with accounting module. It also allows the restaurant to manage orders and keep track of orders as customers are served.

kameko Gambia software website development , digital marketing, customized software

Bespoke Enterprise

In today's business world, one size cannot fit all. This is what Kameko understands and can provide you with a customized solution for your business processes. Just tell us what you need and we develop it for you.

Digital marketing, website development

Websites & Digital Marketing

Websites are the window for your potential customers. We provide robust and responsive website for your business.
We can also increase your online presence with our digital marketing skills thus, boosting your business growth.

Kameko app development in The Gambia

General Mobile App

Today, majority of the people use more of their mobile gadgets than their laptops or desktop computers. As a result, empowering your business on a mobile phone is the new normal. We can built Android and iOS apps for your business.

Website and email hosting

Web & Email Hosting

We build your website, we host it for you. We host your emails; given you the professional email address for your company. Your website got the privilege to be updated and upgraded to meet the fast changing world of technology. Security is never compromised!



Software developemt

Founder / CEO / Software Developer

Ebou Lawrence Mendy

Kameko Website and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketer & Customer Service

Catherine Bahoum

Software developemt

Software Developer

Sang Marie Colley


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